Once you have created chores for your children to complete, they will be able to "get to work" based on the logic defined.  Remember, when you created the chores, you set criteria such as "days of the week" and "maximum completions," so only those chores that are available based on applied logic (that you set) will be available to the kids in their dashboards.

  1. The child should login with the appropriate account (if the parent is logged in, then change user and let the child login).
  2. From the child dashboard, go to the My Chores section.
  3. The child will click "checkout" next to the appropriate, available chore.
  4. The child will review the details.
  5. Clicking "Take Photo" will begin the chore completion process.
  6. The child will take a "before" photo of the chore at stake.
  7. The child will click "start" to begin the chore.
  8. A countdown timer begins, noting the duration that the child worked.
  9. When the chore is complete, the child will click the "Take after photo" button.
  10. The child will click "take photo," and take a photo of the completed chore.
  11. The child will take a photo of the completed chore.
  12. If the after photo seems acceptable, they will accept it (otherwise, they will retake the photo).
  13. The child clicks "submit".
  14. The chore is logged as complete, and will need to be reviewed in the parent dashboard (by a parent).

Watch our short video showing this process in action: