We allow you to set expectations up front, and to enforce those (after a 2 hour waiting period) when there are infractions.  Don't want the dirty socks left on the kitchen floor (or worse, the kitchen table!)? Configure a penalty for that.  It's that easy. Remember, penalties are defined and assigned to children, then applied after that, so setup as many as you can think of ahead of time (give your children some warning so that they can't say, "I didn't know!").

  1. Click on "Add" in the bottom right corner of the parent dashboard.
  2. Click on "Add penalty"
  3. Review the penalty description "click got it."
  4. Click New Penalty.
  5. Give the penalty an appropriate title.
  6. Set an amount per infraction (this is up to you).
  7. Add some detail to the description.
  8. Set an effective date.
  9. Select the children to which the penalty applies.
  10. Remember to wait 2 hours before applying the penalty.
  11. Repeat this process for each penalty you would like your children to avoid.

Take a look at this short explainer video to see this in action: