Once you have added all of your child objects, you'll want to create some work for them to do.  The most common scenario here is by adding a Chore (a reapeatable household task). We show you how to do this here.

  1. In the bottom right corner, click add.
  2. Click Add a Chore - this launches the add chore workflow.
  3. Use a shortcut (template) or "create your own"
  4. Give your chore a title.
  5. Add detailed descriptors for the chore so that your child is clear on what your expectations are.
  6. Set the minimum times a week that your child MUST complete the chore before getting credit (e.g. don't let them slack and just do their chore once).  
  7. Set the maximum completion times you will pay them for completions (e.g. - we will only pay you for this chore 3 times or 5 times each week).
  8. Chore interval - set this if you want to add buffers between completions (e.g. - they can complete it 2x a week, but only after two days have elapsed ... this prevents the child from completing the same chore two days in a row at the end of the week).
  9. Payout per submission: set the value of each completion.
  10. Set end date for this chore (perhaps if it is seasonal, like mowing the lawn).
  11. Days of the week when the child may complete the chore.
  12. Select the child/children to which the chore applies.
  13. Note that when you add a chore, your weekly "potential family earnings" are updated in your dashboard.

Watch a short video showing this setup process: