In order to use Chorez, you will need a primary, or "Master" parent account configured.  Remember that you *do not* need to sign up with an account for each member of your family - just one parent.  After that, other users will have their own, unique PINs to access the app and their own unique dashboard. The steps to sign up are:

  1. From the main login screen, click signup.
  2. Choose your avatar.
  3. Enter your first and last name.
  4. Enter your email address (this will be your main login for Chorez on all devices in your family.
  5. Create a unique, strong passwords (Upper Case, lower case and number/special character.
  6. Enter your phone number (required for ID verification at key moments).
  7. Add your birthday.
  8. Create a PIN for parents (only) -- children will have their own.
  9. Review and accept Terms and Conditions.
  10. Read the getting started data.
  11. Verify your email address.
  12. Click "I've done this," (verified my account) in the app.
  13. You are done!

Watch the video we created to walk you through the process.